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Two Minute Practices: Body Scan

Body Scanning

The sensations in our bodies can give us important information, so it’s worth spending two minutes once or twice a day (or more!) noticing what’s going on in your body with a quick scan. Even on the most manic days, taking a few minutes to recognise how your body feels, and releasing some of that tension can make a big difference.

Rose Hilton, Morning Swim

Starting from the top of your head, imagine your focus flowing down your body. Think about each part of your body as you scan down, and pay attention to how you’re holding that part of yourself. Does it feel tight? If so, let those muscles soften and relax.

Notice your breathing – is it shallow or fast? Slow your breath, let your lungs fill gently and exhale.

As you’re scanning your muscles, pay attention to your emotions. Do you feel anxious, excited, wired, numb? And if so, where are you holding that feeling in your body?