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Designer Hannah HRH makes high-gloss, diamante-strewn swimwear and accessories that exude a very fun, campy sexiness. The Fashion East alum studied costume design at the Wimbledon College of Arts, before embarking on a styling career that eventually led to creating her own pieces. 

Hannah likes Mount Sapo and we are huge fans of her, so we asked her a few questions about her brand and process, as well as how she incorporates bodycare into her day. 

How do you describe your brand?
It’s very personal – I design with a similar person to myself in mind, like a friend. If I’m designing and I dont get really excited, I don’t make it.

You take inspiration from figure skaters and gymnasts – what is it about those sports that interests you?
I just get so excited about the presentation and ritual that surrounds a good strong performance. What is it we need to perform really well? What makes these athletes feel confident? I love the way these costumes feel like glittering talismans – the incredible visual that stays forever after the brief physical act.

How do you like to start your day?
I always drink a big glass of water (I used to do warm water and lemon until my dentist told me off), and then a coffee. I walk my dog then get home and get dressed, and then me and my dog head to the studio for the day.

Do you have a favourite way to unwind and quieten your mind?
I very recently started running. I never thought I would like it but actually, it’s amazing. I have ADHD and it’s helping so much.

What do you turn to give your body some attention?
I go running and do some stretching, have a shower and exfoliate with a coffee scrub, then put on Mount Sapo and some crisp cotton pyjamas.

How do you like to use our All-Over oil?
I use it most nights after I wash my face as a layer under moisturiser. I also use it every time I have a shower all over my body. I love the smell so much, and never get tired of it. I also love that it doesn’t dry my skin at all like some other oils, and I feel like it really helps heal all kinds of marks and scratches – I’m always banging into stuff and scratching my legs going for walks, so I think it really helps.

What makes you feel really replenished?
Anytime I can swim in the ocean, that’s the number one healing thing for me.

What’s your favourite scent?
I actually don’t like perfume or ever wear it. I LOVE the smell of Mount Sapo so much, that is the only perfume I need. Smells I like are quite medicinal – I love tea tree oil, I love eucalyptus.

What’s your skincare philosophy? Do you try lots of new products or stick to the same?
I actually love trying new things for my face – like I love K beauty etc., but really I do keep it quite simple as most things that are too complicated don’t benefit my skin. I love oils and cream cleansers, and since turning 30 I love sunscreen. I really feel like using MS on my neck and chest at night is going to make me look so much younger, lol.